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Quality Assurance and Development

Quality lies at the heart of all that Myfledge does. It is an essential part of the Vision and Mission statements, and of our goal as stated in our strategic vision.

We are for a comprehensive and complete Quality cycle that is a part of all that we do. Each person who is a part of the team that constitutes Myfledge is an important and committed part of the quality control process.

A vital part of the quality process is the external quality control of the programmes offered at Myfledge and the Institute itself.

The accreditation of programmes helps to promote internationally recognized quality standards, assist in the mobility of labour and facilitates global recruitment.

An important part of the quality assurance processes in relation to the modules being taught is the feedback from students. Myfledge has in place a system of internal teaching reviews that elicit anonymous responses from students on the satisfaction with each module being delivered.  The results are used to provide feedback and guidance to the teaching team in the form of a formal report. The report provides the teaching staff with feedback to enable them to reflect and improve their performance. The analysis also provides the Academic Director with hard evidence to support, counsel and where appropriate set targets with staff to secure improvements.

We strive to include a thorough and finished quality cycle in all we do. Each member of the Myfledge team is a vital and dedicated contributor to the quality assurance procedure.


Come as a Student,
Become a Professional. 

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