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About Fledge Institute of Event Management & Development

Year of Incorporation : 2019
Website :

The FLEDGE INSTITUTE OF EVENT MANAGEMENT & DEVELOPMENT, a unit of MYFLEDGE PRIVATE LIMITED, has had a significant effect on the Event Management profession. The excellent course curriculum and teaching method has generated a great deal of interest in events and event management. The world-class faculty is unmatched, and the best guest speakers are astounding. Every year, the institute sends its students to over 100 events for training. In addition, FIEMD hosts in-house events such as a sports meet, a roaring party, the Event Manager of the Year Award, College Idol, and the beauty pageant Mr. & Ms. FLEDGE, which teaches FIEMD students how to organise a mega-class event. With all of this valuable expertise, FIEMD students are easily placed, and many go on to establish their own successful event management firms.

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