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Academic Vision


To be a global leader in providing professional skill development and training solutions by imparting industry-required technical skills that develop long-term careers for students in the services sector.

The educational culture at Myfledge promotes student-centered learning and excellence. This culture supports our mission of developing professionals who can take key leadership roles in their chosen industries.



“Come as a Student, Become a Professional”

The MYFLEDGE team rigorously implements a teaching and learning approach that establishes learning outcomes for each topic, which are then evaluated through formative and summative work, in order to preserve this culture of learning excellence. Lectures, seminars, tutorials, and independent studies are all forms of instruction used in blended learning environments. Students are encouraged to speak up in class, deliver presentations, and work in groups to learn. Our ultimate objective is to help each student become an autonomous learner with excellent research and critical thinking abilities. Last but not least, a system of double marking and external inspection oversees and evaluates every student's work.


A robust English language and study skills support service serves as the foundation for all teaching and learning.


The values:

The core values are the foundation for Myfledge's values, which include providing excellent service, being courteous and polite, using common language, being able to integrate with a variety of cultural backgrounds, respect and integrity, being a lifelong and active learner, self-reflection and self-improvement, and striving for excellence.


Myfledge declares that it has all the resources necessary to finish every course it offers, and it guarantees that once students enroll, and arrive at Myfledge, Myfledge will put all the necessary materials in place so they can learn, be evaluated, and finish the courses they are taking.

Academic objectives of Myfledge: 

  • Enhance social, cultural, and everyday life by preserving and advancing knowledge via instruction, learning, research, and knowledge dissemination. Offer instruction of the highest caliber and promote learning that will satisfy each student's individual and professional goals.

  • Encourage initiative, innovation, and knowledge of the dynamics driving global change and management.

  • Encourage the appreciation of diversity and all cultural values.

Our CSR responsibility towards our key stakeholders in our academic excellence is:

  • Students are prepared for future employment as managers by giving them the greatest education, training, placements, and professional behavior instruction available.

  • the Myfledge team, by giving them all the tools they need to manage students and teach at a high level, meeting curricular requirements and student learning goals.

Come as a Student,
Become a Professional. 

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