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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We understand that it is part of our responsibility (our CSR) to take care of the many interconnected stakeholders in Myfledge, including:

  • Students are prepared for future employment as managers by giving them the greatest education, training, placements, and professional behaviour instruction available.

  • Department of Education and allied education quality organisations by following and adhering to the educational norms, regulations, and quality standards. 

  • Parents should respect the investment made in their children's future in addition to ensuring that their students are properly equipped. 

  • By giving timely, accurate, and useful information to student recruiters and upholding a high standard for Myfledge.

  • By providing as much wealth to different businesses and groups as possible, India's local economy will flourish.

  • By ensuring that the operational culture at Myfledge reflects India's strict operational and regulatory framework.

  • By providing the staff at Myfledge with all the tools they need, they can manage students and teach with the necessary high standard, meeting the requirements of the curriculum and student learning goals.


Come as a Student,
Become a Professional. 

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